The ASD Performance

A lot of people had a dance performance on Friday and Saturday, including me! It was fun!

What I loved about it was the costumes, some were all glittery and pretty, and some where dark and cool. I took hip hop, so my class were robbers. Awesome huh? There were a lot of other types of people too, including clocks for ballet, street dancers for tap, joggers for jazz and tons more! The whole dance was city themed so it was anything in the city. There were even animals!

Every type of dance was awesome, and the people who were in it were awesome too! So I recommend trying it next year in middle school! It’s tons of fun! For more information: ASD (This is the ISB website for dance)

Thanks, Sophie

Top 3 Movies

Here are some really great movies, they’re funny movies, action movies, and freaky movies.

5. Knowing- it is was a very great movie that you can watch over and over and still scream when people pop out.

4. Monsters vs. Aliens it was a funny movie and any age can watch it and still laugh.

3. The Marine- it was a real hardcore movie with John Cena. He did everything to get his wife back.

Watch a clip of Monster vs. Aliens

Blog Post about Snow Leopards

Hello everybody it’s Juliana and you’ve might of read my other blogs and this is my blog post about Snow Leopards (and there such cute wild animals besides cats in my opinion). So I hope you all enjoy reading my blog post about Snow Leopards. I’ve got the information from

The Snow Leopard lives in rugged mountain ranges found in central and south Asia and the mountains approximately is 1,230,000 square kilometers which extends through 12 countries! and they are India, Afgahnistan, Buthan, China, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Nepal, Pakistan, Russia, Tajistan,and Uzbekistan. Snow leopards are solitary animals and they are carnivores. However there size is smaller than other ‘big cats’ there description: They weigh between 27- 54 kg there body lengths reach between 74- 130cm. Snow leopards have such big furs there fur color is grayish and yellowish and tan fur ears are round but not really round but on the tips of the ears there round.They have black spots but have larger spots on there cute fat fluffy tails :).

Snow leopards like I said earlier are carnivores but Snow leopards they eat whatever meat they find! so they eat anything as long as it’s meat! they even eat domesticated farm stock! They are endangered animals.

-Cute Snow leopard.With snow leopard cub yawning. :D

Hope you all enjoyed reading my blog post about snow leopards :)

Great Summer Read!!!!!!

Hi! It’s Olivia.

I can’t believe it’s already SUMMER!!!!!!!!! Any way I think it was the 2nd to last day of scool when Ms. M read us an excerpt from the book Chasing Vermeer. I decided to try it and I just finished it today. IT IS ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS I HAVE EVER READ. (seriously)  I recommend this book to people who love adventure and mystery stories about people they’re own age. But beware: this book can be really hard to understand so if English is your 2nd language or you aren’t going to pay close attention while reading, it isn’t a good choice.

The story’s main characters are:

Calder Pillay

Petra Analdee


Mrs. Sharpe

I would tell you more but it would spoil the story. I hope you give it a try!


Use Creative Commons!!!!!

Use Creative Commons!!!!!

Hi it’s Olivia.

Today I am going to be writing about Creative Commons. Creative Commons is a website where people can get special licence for their work so they can share it with the world. But right now I’m not going to talk about how YOU can use the Creative Commons search. The search is really easy to use. For example, let’s say your looking for a picture of a cow. You click on the flicker tab  to search for a photo type Cow into the search thing. Then, you can take any picture of a cow that you want off of that page and use it almost whatever you want as long as you put the source of the photo, video, music, etc. Pretty cool huh?

But now you may ask, why use Creative commons when I can do the exact same thing on Google or Yahoo? Well I’ll give you the answer. Creative Commons is LEGAL! Believe it or not taking images, videos, etc. off of Yahoo or Google for your own work is not allowed according to the law. 9not even if you put the source.) And although you usually never get caught, if you do you could get in big trouble. For example, let’s say you put cute pictureb of your pet up onto the internet. When you put that picture up it is immediatly copyrighted under your name and  no one is allowed to use it without your special premission. But what if you want people to use your work and enjoy it, learn from it, be inspired by it, and allow you work to help people? This is where Creative Commons steps in. If you take a piece of work from Creative Commons the person who posted it is saying “Here, I want you to be able to use my work.”

I hope that from now on you use Creative Commons!!! And in case you didn’t notice, there is a link to the Creative Commons search at the top of the page and also a link to flicker photos in the first paragraph.

Enjoy!!!!!!!!!                      Image Source



15,314!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW!!! WE have 15,314 views! We are on fire! We have one of the largest amounts of views in 5th grade, even though there are only 2 5th grade bloggers, but still awesome work grade 5!!! Keep it up!!       :)Emma

Moving up

Moving Up

Moving from 4th grade to fifth grade is like moving to a new country or state, and I’ll tell you why.

Just like in any other grade, your teacher and his or her rules change, so that’s like moving from house to house.

Also when you move up your subjects get harder too, and in some cases stranger, but once again your teachers might also let you do some fun things too because you’ll be older and they can trust you, so that’s like the big move.

Now a hard thing is your friends, we all know at the beginning of the year new students come and we find out who left. And your friend might like some of the new kids and and not be your best friend anymore but still your friends and that’s like getting settled.

So that’s how it’s like moving.

Fun and Annoying Things to do

Fun and Annoying things to do

WARNING!!!! – When you suck in helium, don’t try to talk in a high pitch voice, talk normally.

WARNING!!!! – Don’t suck in too much helium. Max – half a balloon.

WARNING!!!! – Don’t suck helium right from the tank. Suck it out of a helium balloon.

Fun things to do when you suck in helium:

  • Laugh. (You will actually laugh for real after that)
  • Start beat boxing or rapping.
  • Shout.
  • Go down a slide or go on a swing so you scream.
  • Tell jokes that you have never heard with a friend. (Funny jokes)
  • Sing. (Better if you sing a song with low notes.)

DANGER!!!! – Don’t try too many at once.(or else you will be in serious trouble)

I found a youtube video of someone singing when they sucked in helium. Here is another video.

How to annoy your parents:

  • When one of your parents is busy, keep saying mom, or dad over and over again, and when they finally say ‘what!’ say never mind. After that, do the whole thing over and over again.
  • When they say you can’t do something keep begging them until they say yes.
  • When they are helping you write sentences about or with a certain word, when they say ‘um….’ (they are thinking) write ‘um….’ and when they are finished saying the sentence, read it out to them with the um’s.

I will think of more over the summer and post them.


5 Good Qualities in a Friend-Comments-Gwen

Remember that post I wrote about being a good friend? Well I decided to put up all the comments that people gave me. Thank you to Karis, Helen, Olivia, and Sophie. Here are 4 more posts making the total…8 good qualities in a friend! Here they are:

5. I think that a friend should forgive, or at least listen to your apology. Especially if you were just kidding.-Karis

6. With all those good qualities that a friend have, I think trust is another important trait. A friend should believe and know that you trust him/her because with trust, there is no walls between that can break the friendship apart. Because friendship a one thing that two or more people share, even though you have to ever go away.-Helen

7. Mercy. If your friend does something mean that hurts you, accept their apology. No matter how tempting it is to stop being friends with the person and gossip about them and tell the whole school how mean they are, don’t. If you can work things out by yourself and try to be merciful, things will turn out better and you’ll probably end up getting your friend back. Trust me I know.

8. Friendship (I think) is about knowing who you are and figuring yourself out. Friends always help you, like give you opinions and a lot others, but i agree with Helen, trust is really important. A friend is someone you can depend on, and without trust, you got no friend.-Sophie-Soph

Thank you again to all those people and I hope you like my post.

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