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Answers about Doctor Who! by tasha

March 17, 2009 · 1 Comment · Tasha

A lot of people asked me questions about Doctor Who because i talk about him a lot in my posts!

It is about an alien called a Time Lord who’s name is the Doctor. The title is Doctor Who because, when people ask what his name is he says “the Doctor” so then the person says “Doctor Who?”. He looks like a human but has 2 hearts and can read peoples minds by touching their heads. He travels in a space ship called the TARDIS it looks like a police box because one day when he was traveling his camouflage tool got stuck when he was in the 1960′s and it was disguised as a police box. The TARDIS travels through time and space.

I hope I have answered some of your questions but if you have anymore ask me at school or comment to this post!

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One Comment

  • helen229

    heyy tasha,
    that is so cool! I really want to watch it! It’s really interesting to see if there’s an alien envading in this earth who has a special power like Doctor Who.
    peace out -from helen who likes the name ‘The TARDIS’ :)

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